Watch side-by-side video quality comparison of Ipera Pixel Xtream (left) vs. competitor (Right)

We Provide Multi-format Video Transcoder Solutions.

Ipera designs, manufactures, and sells high performance multi-format video  transcoder products to enable our customers to efficiently create, prepare and deliver a full range of video services to multi-screen consumer devices, including traditional televisions, cable/satellite televisions, smart connected TVs, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles.

Ipera was founded by technologists with dozens of years of experience and multiple video patents in their names.  We are leveraging their latest inventions which dramatically speed and improve video quality. Pixel Xtream® is our line of professional grade video transcoders. These products address the following “Pain Points” experienced by customers of competing transcoder products:

  • Transcoder too slow
  • “Toxic” Pathfire & Pitch Blue files
  • Closed captioning problems
  • Formats not supported
  • Poor output quality

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