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Ipera was incorporated in late 2005. The algorithmic research and development commenced in February 2006 by a team of innovative video technology scientists and engineers. In August 2006, the company received funding from a leading venture capitalist and several prominent Bay Area angel investors.

After close to two years of intensive innovation, Ipera unveiled its Pixel Magic® video enhancement technology to the public in September 2007. Leveraging this technology, Ipera began development of its unique Pixel Xtream® transcoding solution in 2008. The product came out of the gate in early 2009 and quickly secured several sales to leading network broadcasters and IPTV providers.

Since 2010, Ipera has focused primarily on the US market by further improving its core technology and adding workflows to Pixel Xtream, including expanding many broadcast format and extensive closed caption support. By 2011, it had been recognized as a leading transcoding solution in the market and was named one of the 100 most influential media streaming companies by Streaming Media magazine. Currently, Pixel Xtream is being used by a large number of network broadcasters, TV stations, and universities around the world in their daily mission critical operations.