Ipera Technology and 360 Systems partner to provide state-of-the-art live and file based multi-format transcoding solutions for the broadcast industry.

April 8, 2013. Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWeb). Ipera Technology, provider of the industry leading multi-format HD/SD video transcoders – Pixel Xtream® 3, and 360 Systems, a leading provider of video servers for the broadcast industry have teamed up to provide state-of-the-art live and file based multi-format transcoding solutions for the broadcast industry. These solutions will be demonstrated at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, NV in Booth N-5838.

Ipera has worked closely with 360 Systems to create a seamless workflow to convert video files between the 360 Systems HD (MAXX 1200, 2400-HD and 2420-HD) and SD (MAXX 500, 1000 & 2400) servers and other broadcast equipment. This enables current and future 360 Systems customers to create new content for their 360 Systems servers from many formats of post-production, broadcast and streaming video files. It can also repurpose the content that already resided on the 360 Systems servers.
“We are excited about our partnership with 360 Systems to provide the broadcast industry with a streamlined live and file based solution,” said Johnson Yan, COO of Ipera. “This solution provides the widest container/codec support, the best video quality, and the most robust and streamlined workflow.”
“We have created a seamless workflow bundling Pixel Xtream 3 and 360 Systems video servers,” said Robert Easton, CEO of 360 Systems. “We will be offering the bundled products to the broadcast industry.”

“We selected Pixel Xtream 3 and 360 Systems video servers for our TV broadcast workflow after extensive evaluation of both products among several competing solutions,” said Bret Falcetto, Operations Manager of FOX – KRBK TV. “We are very satisfied with the bundled solution in terms of ease of use, speed, and video quality.”

“The Pixel Xtream 3 and 360 Systems video server combination delivers a cost-effective solution for our live broadcast and web production workflows, as well as a training tool for students in our organization,” said Ben Slutzky of Syracuse University’s CitrusTV, the student-run TV studio. “The unlimited watch folder capability provides a streamlined workflow for transporting media across our studio into the necessary formats, while allowing our production staff to focus on the most important part of their jobs — creating content. We have also been very satisfied with excellent support provided by both Ipera and 360 Systems”
Dramatically expanded on format support, Pixel Xtream 3 was designed from the ground up with proprietary, patented video quality enhancement algorithms and superior pipelined architecture to reach new levels of quality and speed. The algorithms perform the highest quality de-interlacing and scaling, in addition to removing noises, distortions, and artifacts. Video quality is further boosted at all bit rates with sharper contrast, improved brightness, more vibrant colors, and sharper details. Pixel Xtream also preserves the metadata including closed caption information between formats. Additionally, it supports unlimited watch folders and XML-based API integration.

360 Systems’ newest HD video server 2420-HD can play four HD video streams at once, or it can record two and play two others –and simultaneously ingest content via Ethernet. It’s also a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capability. Standard features include HD-SDI video I/O with frame sync, so it can handle wild sources like tape, cameras and satellite feeds. 360 Systems’ 2420-HD provides the broadcast industry’s best video quality by using JPEG 2000, a wavelet-based coding format for new cameras and production, with an I-frame structure that makes editing easy. JPEG 2000 is a growing standard for sports, and the sole format in digital cinema. 360 Systems offers JPEG 2000 at bandwidths to suit every level of image quality.

About Ipera Technology, Inc.
Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., Ipera Technology, Inc. leverages its patent-pending video enhancement technology to deliver extremely efficient solutions that improve the video quality of a broad range of broadcast and online video products. Ipera Technology was selected as one of the top 100 streaming media companies. For more information, visit www.iperatech.com .

About 360 Systems
360 Systems is a leading developer of digital video and audio products for broadcasting and Pro A/V. The company has a 36-year legacy of producing award-winning hardware solutions that bring efficiency and economy to content delivery. The company has more than 30,000 hard disk units installed around the globe. Brands include Digicart®, Instant Replay®, Image Server™ and MAXX™ families of video servers. 360 Systems is a privately owned corporation based in Newbury Park, CA. More information on its products is available at www.360systems.com .

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