Ipera Technology, the leading provider of multi-format video transcoder – Pixel Xtream® 3, announced the addition of 4K UHD support.

August 05, 2015. Burlingame, CA. To support the market trend and our customer’s plan to transition into 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution entertainment and broadcasting, Ipera announces support of 4K UHD resolution transcoding as its newest addition to the Pixel Xtream 3 family of video transcoding products.  Further tuned for 4K UHD resolution video processing, Pixel Xtream 3 was built on Ipera Technology’s market proven, patent protected video quality enhancement and bit-rate optimization technologies, and superior pipelined architecture to reach new level on quality and speed. Video quality enhancement is based on Ipera’s patented Pixel Magic® video enhancement core technology that removes noises, distortions, and artifacts. It also prevents new distortions from being introduced during the encoding process, resulting in higher quality video and lower bit rates. Video quality is also boosted at all bit rates with sharper contrast, improved brightness, more vibrant colors, sharper edges, and details.

As H.264 continues to be the main format for 4K UHD content, Ipera’s Pixel Xtream 3 will initially support the highest quality, full feature H.264/AVC transcoding, and will soon be expanded to include support of other industry standard formats.  The workflow and user interface maintain backward compatibility to simplify our customer’s transition into 4K UHD.  All the setup files and templates for previous versions of Pixel Xtream 3 can be imported into newer Pixel Xtream 3 without any glitches.

“Ipera continues to leverage its leading edge video enhancement and transcoding technologies to push the limits of currently available technologies to be a driving force behind 4K UHD technology development and its worldwide acceptance,” said Johnson Yan, President & CEO of Ipera. “This important addition allows our customers to take advantage of the full 4K UHD resolution and provides them with a seamless transcoding solution with the best quality ever offered in the industry. This achievement is a result of our unique, innovative video enhancement and transcoding algorithms that produced Pixel Xtream 3, the industry’s fastest, easiest to use, and highest visual quality multi-format transcoders.”

Pixel Xtream 3 was designed from the ground up with proprietary, patented video quality enhancement algorithms and superior pipelined architecture to reach new levels of quality and speed. The algorithms perform the highest quality de-interlacing and scaling, in addition to removing noises, distortions, and artifacts. Video quality is further boosted at all bit rates with sharper contrast, improved brightness, more vibrant colors, and sharper details. Pixel Xtream also preserves the metadata including closed caption information between formats. Additionally, it supports unlimited watch folders and XML-based API integration.


About Ipera Technology, Inc.
Headquartered in Burlingame, Calif., Ipera Technology, Inc. leverages its patent-pending video enhancement technology to deliver extremely efficient solutions that improve the video quality of a broad range of broadcast and online video products. For more information, visit www.iperatech.com .

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