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Ipera designs, manufactures, and sells high performance multi-format video transcoder products to enable our customers to efficiently create, prepare and deliver a full range of video services to multi-screen consumer devices, including traditional televisions, cable/satellite televisions, smart connected TVs, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles.

Enabled by Pixel Magic® video enhancement technology, Pixel Xtream® takes video quality, transcoding speed, ease of use, and reliability to a whole new level.

Intelligent Enhancement

Pixel Xtream video transcoders and streaming encoders deliver superior video quality while automating the repurposing and delivery of digital content to a wide variety of new media platforms and channels. Using our built-in intelligent video enhancement engine and the unique always-on adaptive enhancement mode, Pixel Xtream removes noise, distortion, and artifacts, and prevents new distortions introduced in the encoding process, resulting in higher quality video and lower bit-rates. Visual quality is boosted at all bit-rates with sharper contrast, improved brightness, more vibrant color, and sharper edge details.

The heart of the Pixel Xtream advantage is the built-in Pixel Magic enhancement engine – our unique, patented, intelligent video enhancement technology- that carries out adaptive enhancement to optimize the encoding or transcoding and delivers high quality video streams even at low bit-rates. Pixel Magic performs these functions addressing the different issues that affect quality in video compression:

  • Distortion and artifacts reduction
  • 3D noise reduction
  • De-blocking, de-ringing, de-mosquito
  • Brightness improvement
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Skin-tone and color enhancement
  • Edge/details sharpening
  • De-interlacing with motion compensation
  • Scaling

Our patented intelligent algorithms constantly analyze the ingested video and only apply enhancements when and as needed – without operator intervention and without introducing noticeable latency. This allows enhancement to be kept always active and doesn’t require costly operator intervention. The result: better quality and lower bit-rate streams, providing a better viewing experience to the consumer at a lower cost to the content rights owner, broadcaster, or web site operator.

Pixel Xtream Transcoder Products

Pixel Xtream is a series of broadcast-grade transcoders built on Pixel Magic core technology for superior video quality and speed. Our customers include broadcasters, universities, video service providers, content providers, streaming companies, churches, sports stadiums, and other businesses.  We sell on a perpetual license basis. Ipera also has plans to bring Pixel Xtream to the Cloud soon.

Currently, Pixel Xtream transcoders are either sold as software or as a server appliance. The appliances are based on off-the-shelf Windows server hardware/software, requiring no custom hardware. The appliance may also come with capture cards such as BlackMagic (digital SDI) or ViewCast Osprey (analog). The appliances also accept live input streams based on Microsoft MMS, UDP, and HTTP protocols. The output can be stored onto hard disks (which are hot swappable) or live streamed out to a CDN server or to users directly.

Pixel Xtream can ingest (live streaming or from files), encode, transcode and output files or stream video to content distribution networks. Currently Ipera offers the following Pixel Xtream products serving different needs of our diverse customer base.

  • Pixel Xtream Software
    • Pixel Xtream “Standard” – Software only solution for prosumer market
    • Pixel Xtream “Pro” – Software only solution for professional market

For an overview of features of Pixel Xtream, please view video below:

Watch side-by-side video quality comparison of Pixel Xtream vs. competitor

(Please set Vimeo to full screen for more detailed comparison):

(Note: Vimeo re-encoding masks out much of the quality differences download the original to see more).