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• Turnkey multi-format video transcoder appliance
• Powerful full feature Pixel Xtream Professional 3.0 software
• Real-time HD and SD live streaming encode and transcode
• Live encode for web, mobile, IPTV, and broadcast delivery
• Off-line file-based workflow

The Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance is a multi-format HD and SD streaming media encoder and transcoder running Ipera’s Pixel Xtream® software with the ability to ingest and stream live video or IP sources.  It can transcode and stream in real-time, save to a file, or both.  It is ideally suited to meet the challenges of ingesting, repurposing and monetizing content for a variety of web, mobile, IPTV and broadcast applications.  It also includes a full professional version of Pixel Xtream 3.0 software.

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance can capture a live video source from the Internet, from a capture card, or from files; it transcodes content on-the-fly, including converting a single file into any number of target formats; it can also stream the output live to the target network address using one of several streaming protocols. The extremely low latency of the video enhancement engine and the always-on adaptive enhancement mode eliminate the need to make manual adjustments as content changes, and we always deliver real-time performance.

Always-on Enhancement for Superior Performance & Low-touch Operation

Using Ipera’s patented intelligent video enhancement technology, the Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance can analyze source video and automatically remove noise, distortion, and artifacts that are the result of earlier compression and conversion operations, or the imperfections at video capture. It can further boost visual quality with sharper contrast, improved brightness, vibrant color, and sharper edges and details. This allows you to minimize bandwidth usage while delivering superior visual quality at all bit-rates to your web, mobile, or IPTV audience.

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance Configurations

The Pixel Xtream Appliance is available in several configurations and form factors to allow cost effective scaling of the platform to meet specific needs.


Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance – Rack Mounted

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance – Desktop

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance – Desktop

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance supports the following capture and streaming options to satisfy the diverse requirements of our customer base:

Feature L2500 L2600 L2700 L2800
Analog Input x x
HD/SD SDI Input x x
HD/SD IP Stream Input x x x x
Output Stream/ File
Mobile/Web x x x x
SD x x x x
HD x x x x
MXF Support x x x x

Intuitive User Interface

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance’s intuitive interface gives you complete control over every aspect of the transcoding process. You can capture and stream a live video source, ingest live video to a file (or multiple files with different formats and settings), or simultaneously convert a single file into any number of target formats, each with a unique set of operations and filters applied. You can even transcode and stream the output while keeping a local copy.

Pixel Xtream L2xxx Appliance integrates easily into network-based digital media workflows. Project files defining encode and transcode settings, video and audio processing functions, and delivery options (including watch folders and web publishing) can be saved as profiles for re-use on future projects. Priorities can be assigned to each job.

Automated Operation

The Pixel Xtream Appliance runs as a stand-alone system.  Simple command scripting and an XML API allows a single encoder, or multiple systems comprising a very high capacity rendering “farm”, to be integrated with and managed by a wide variety of third party applications.

The Pixel Xtream Appliance can be run in a fully automated mode. Watch folders can be configured to automatically transcode any files that are moved into the specified watched locations, and the results can be placed into designated locations on the network.