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Due to the large number of broadcast/streaming file formats and their complexity, and the huge volume of data to process, multi-format software video transcoder users confront many common problems. The following are common pain points our customers complained about before they deployed Ipera’s Pixel Xtream:

  • Too slow, especially for urgently needed content.
  • Video quality is not satisfactory – blurry, low contrast, color errors, compression artifacts such as blocky and mosquito noise, ringing, low quality scaling and deinterlacing, etc.
  • Running into file format support issues.
  • From time to time, files come with syntax errors (called “Toxic Files” by the broadcasters) and cannot be processed or even crash the software.
  • Difficult or complicated user interfaces with the transcoder software.
  • Closed caption format not supported, or results are with errors.
  • Software crashes that result in loss of productivity – especially in high volume, overnight automatic processing  modes.

Pixel Xtream has won a significant amount of business from customers of our competitors by easing these pain points. Thanks to Ipera’s innovative and patented video enhancement algorithm and efficient software architecture, Ipera consistently beats competitors in independent video quality and speed evaluations.

In addition to the easy-to-appreciate video quality advantages, Pixel Xtream also outperforms its competitors in many other aspects.  Just to name a few:

  • Pixel Xtream runs faster – meaning you run faster.  Ipera’s well designed, pipelined and balanced software architecture allows enormous speed improvements over competitors’ products. Most recent benchmarks and customers’ blind testing results all show Pixel Xtream runs up to 4X faster than competitors’ products (detailed benchmark available). We know your tasks are mission critical; Pixel Xtream’s speed advantage will contribute to your faster turn-around and improved productivity.
  • Pixel Xtream is more reliable – saving you time. Our customers call Pixel Xtream ‘rock solid’. Unlike some of our competitors’ products that crash all the time, Pixel Xtream is highly fault tolerant — if it confronts a file it cannot process, the file is skipped and documented, but not allowed to affect the rest of the workload. It can also process some of the “toxic” files competitors’ products cannot support. Pixel Xtream requires very little post-sale support, although we are always here if you need us.
  • Pixel Xtream is much easier to use and its patented Side-by-Side Preview simplifies your job. Equipped with powerful, sophisticated features, many of which are not even offered by our competition, Pixel Xtream is surprisingly easy to use – it installs in less than a minute on a typical machine; an average user immediately clicks away without reading the user’s guide. Ipera’s patented side-by-side Preview feature allows you to instantly see the results before you transcode, making your job much easier.
  • Pixel Xtream is better supported – we have your back. We work around the clock to support our valued customers.  We frequently add new features and find solutions to our customer’s issues in the matter of hours.  We release upgrades with additional enhancements every quarter.  Thanks to our configurable software architecture, adding a new feature or supporting a new format is something we do well and do quickly.
  • Pixel Xtream keeps you better informed – so you have full control of the job. Pixel Xtream scans the input files at the time of ingestion. It lets you know of a file error early on, so you won’t have to wait hours to know there is a problem. During the transcoding process, Pixel Xtream also provides more accurate and timely information on job status, disk usage, time to completion, and it keeps a detailed log file for the jobs. When a job is completed or if it runs into an error, Pixel Xtream can be set to notify you by playing a tone or a song, sending you a text message or an email.